Welcome to Waivio, the front-end to the Hive blockchain, where your influence and passion intertwine to create a unique social shopping experience. Unleash the full potential of your online presence and become a trendsetter in a vibrant shopping universe.

Create Your Social Shop Today and begin a journey that turns every click, every story, and every shared moment into a thriving and engaging online store. Whether you're starting with a simple shop in your profile or crafting an advanced social shopping website, Waivio is your platform to shine, connect, and earn.

Read more: About Waivio; Social Shopping on Hive.

1. Social Shop in Your Profile (Free Option)

Embrace Simplicity and Authenticity

Tutorial: Shops in User Profiles


Instant Storefront: Every Waivio user enjoys a dedicated Shop in their public profile on the Hive blockchain. Loving a product? Just heart it, and it's added to your shop.

Earn Effortlessly: Enter your affiliate codes in profile settings. Your shop and posts now carry these codes, effortlessly earning you more.

Expand Your Horizons: Discover a product not yet on Hive? The Waivio Chrome Extension lets you add products from major retailers like Amazon and Walmart directly to the Hive blockchain.

2. Social Shopping Website ($1/day*)

Your Personalized Online Presence

Tutorial: Launching Your Social Shopping Website


Seamless Integration: Transform your profile into a full-fledged website. Your profile shop and blog unite to form an engaging social shop.

Brand Alignment: Customize your site to reflect your brand identity. Logos, banners, colors – all under your control.

Multiple Revenue Streams: Enhance your earnings through various channels:

 - Affiliate Commissions: Generate profit from the sales of products in your curated collection.

 - Author Rewards: Earn a share of the author rewards for posts and comments posted via your site (discover more about the incentive structure of Waivio and the Hive blockchain).

 - Sponsored Rewards and Rebates: Gain commissions from sponsored rewards and rebates collected by your website visitors.

 - Advertising Revenue: Boost your income by integrating AdSense ads, capitalizing on the visibility and traffic of your social shop.

3. Advanced Social Shopping Website ($1/day*)

Elevate Your Influence

Tutorial: Advanced Social Shopping Website


Curated Categories: Strategically organize your products into distinct categories, and utilize custom images and descriptions to create a visually stunning and user-friendly shopping experience.

Engaging Content: Arrange community pages that feature personalized news feeds, fostering a sense of connection and bringing together like-minded individuals on your website.

Interactive Features: Enhance your site with a variety of widgets. Incorporate third-party web tools to provide real-time information, integrate calendars for easy appointment scheduling, and add other functionalities to augment the overall user experience on your website.

*Pricing is subject to change. Basic pricing includes up to 200 unique daily website visitors. Terms and conditions apply.

Your Story, Your Shop

On Waivio, every influencer has the power to create a world that resonates with their audience. Whether you're starting with the simplicity of a profile shop or crafting an advanced website, your journey on Waivio is filled with endless possibilities. Every product, every heart, every story is a step towards a deeper connection with your community.

What world will you build today? Your audience is waiting. Let's create something unforgettable together.

Instant Shop Replication: Embrace the Power of Web3

Create Your Advanced Shop Effortlessly

Explore: Social.Gifts Projects


Instant Copy: Easily replicate successful advanced shops created by others. Select a 'Base Object' in your website configuration, pointing it to an existing business object. This includes the full social shop structure — categories, products, community news streams, and more.

Personalize with Ease: Add your affiliate codes and customize the branding to match your unique style. Your shop, your identity.

Web3 Advantage: Leverage the interconnected nature of web3. Every social shop's success amplifies others, thanks to a shared user base and product knowledgebase across the Hive blockchain. Unified product reviews enhance the collective wisdom.

Join Projects Instantly: Explore and join existing projects with ease. No permission needed.